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Carol Lofland-Hoover-Teegarden

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In 2004, I became the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of my (now) former spouse. Through my healing process, I took up belly dance, as it was something I was always told that I could never do because I was "to fat" or "to ugly". It was through this wonderful dance form, that I found my voice again. I am a perpetual ATS student with a great love, borderline obsession with belly dance.Though my background is ATS and ITS, I have a great love for all forms of our dance! I was turned onto Shimmy Mob in 2010 by a dear friend, and found that the Shimmy Mob movement touched both my heart and soul and I now look forward to it every year. I have been honored to be a dancer (2011-12), Assistant Team Leader (2013) and Team Leader (2014-2018) and look forward to where this movement will go in the future!

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