Shimmy Mob 2019

"We dance to be free, to express and rejoice,
but today we all dance to give the silent a voice."

Felicity Shoars

Welcome to Shimmy Mob!

Shimmy Mob is a belly-dance flash mob supporting victims of abuse. We raise funds for shelters around the world.

With the same music and the same choreography, and wearing the official Shimmy Mob t-shirt, we dance as one, sharing the same goals, on the same day, all over the world.

What's a Shimmy Mob?

Shimmy Mob, a "flash mob" type event, is the largest event of its kind by the total geographical territory covered in one day, creating awareness and raising funds for shelters for victims of abuse in participating communities.

Our goal is to give back to the community. We sponsor shelters in various local areas by promoting and furthering their causes.

Proceeds generated from Shimmy Mob fundraising events are donated to the shelters in participating communities around the world. Read our FAQ to learn more.

A special thanks to our team leaders. Our events would not be a success without you!

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2019 choreography contest is now open

Preparations are underway for the 2019 Shimmy Mob. Early bird registrations open in a couple of months (watch this space for dates).

In the meantime, we need the 2019 choreography. The contest to choose the 2019 Shimmy Mob choreographer is now open. Learn all you need to know here, and make sure you view the short video from Sabeya, explaining some of the key points.

The Shimmy Mob 2019 contest winner receives full acknowledgement plus a listing for one full year on the Shimmy Mob website, with direct links to winner's website.

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What is abuse?

Many women assume that if they're not being physically abused by their partner, they're not actually being abused

Not true.

You may be in a relationship which is draining something from you — you might not have recognized that your partner has eroded your self-esteem and happiness. Learn to recognize the signs.

If you then feel that you are being abused, find help in your area. You are not alone. Call a counselor or resource agent ... and talk about it.

There's lots more information on our resources page.

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Download the Shimmy Mob PSA.

Let the movement begin!

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