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Mao would love to start her bio like, "Mao has been a lifelong dancer, starting with my ballet lesson at the age of 3." In reality, she started dancing at the age of 18. Mao wishes she could list her dancing experience like, "In addition to belly dance, she had extensive training in ballet, jazz, hip hop, flamenco, and salsa." In fact, while she had samplers of hip hop, flamenco, salsa, dancehall, and Irish, the only thing she was able to stick to was belly dance.

But one thing she can say with confidence - Mao is a passionate dreamer. She is currently a dancer of Majnuun, a Middle Eastern music and dance duo, and a co-founder of Oud for Guitarists, an instructional program on the Middle Eastern lute, the Oud. She is a dreaming entrepreneur and dancer whose vision can simultaneously drive her (and those around her) crazy and make her the happiest person in the world. Let’s see where her passion takes her to next.

image of Mao, the 2014 Shimmy Mob choreographer

Mao Murakami
Photo by Laura Scotten

She is super excited, scared, and still in disbelief to see her choreography up on this website. Shimmy Mob is one of her favourite events of the year. "Thank you everyone for giving it a try. Let's have fun and fill the world with smiles on Shimmy Mob day 2014!"

Registered participants receive links to the step-by-step routine breakdown and a full runthrough with the music.

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