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image of Sa'diyya, the 2017 Shimmy Mob choreographer


Sa'diyya is an internationally recognized belly dancer based in Dallas, TX. She has been involved in belly dance since 1996 and is an accomplished performer, instructor, choreographer, costume designer and event producer. She works as a full time, professional dancer teaching group and private classes during the week and performing at special events on the weekends.

Sa'diyya also travels nationally and internationally to teach and perform at belly dance events and festivals. She is well known for her savvy ability to choreograph in many different styles of belly dance and her very clear method of teaching the art of belly dance to all levels of students! Sa'diyya's style of belly dance is dominated by the jazzy American Cabaret style, with a heavy influence of Egyptian Raks Sharqi.

Her solo and troupe performances and choreographies have won more than 20 awards in national and international belly dance competitions, including Season 2 of "Project Belly Dance, America's Next Top Belly Dancer." Sa'diyya now has her own line of downloadable instructional videos that have sold all over the world! Learn more about "Sa'diyya Online" on her website.

One of her most recent projects is producing the unique belly dance event, "Ahlam Al Raks" on July 6-8, 2018 in Frisco, TX featuring Cassandra Fox! This event included more than 12 hours of dance workshops, a black-box theater gala show and an improvisational belly dance competition! Registration is open now.

Sa'diyya has been on a semi-hiatus for almost two years because of a long and wonderful journey of trying to become pregnant, getting pregnant and then having a sweet baby girl! She is jumping back into the world of belly dance starting with having the huge honor of being the official choreographer for the 2018 Shimmy Mob! Sa'diyya is so thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful and charitable organization that makes a big impact in women's lives all over the world.

Sa'diyya is now booking workshops and performances worldwide for 2018 and beyond! Visit her website for more information.

Registered participants receive links to the step-by-step routine breakdown and a full runthrough with the music.

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