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2018 International Shimmy Mob: 5/12/2018

Take part in the world's largest international belly dance event: Shimmy Mob!  The Shimmy Mob celebrates world belly dance day and was created to raise awareness and funds for shelters for victims of abuse.

United, we dance using the same song and the same choreography, wearing the same t-shirt, sharing the same goals, on the same day all over the world.  Year after year we aim to break the world record and we do!

No experience is needed. We invite all dancers at all levels to participate.  Super fun and easy to learn, the choreography tutorials provide step-by-step breakdown in the online videos.

Shimmy Mob has three objectives:

To give back to the communities

Shimmy Mob supports victims of abuse, and the shelters and similar organizations in participating local areas, by promoting awareness and furthering the cause. We do this by encouraging participating cities to create fundraising events during the month of May and to donate directly to the local shelters.

To promote belly dance–the art form–within the belly dance communities

Participating communities receive a free listing of local belly dance-related events leading up to World Bellydance Day, on the Shimmy Mob website events page. We encourage all participants to make these events by donation and give the funds raised to the designated charities in their area.

To support sponsoring businesses and organizations

We are grateful for all the supporters of this project. We thank you for your donations, the use of locations for rehearsals and performances, the fundraising contest prizes, and more. In return, Shimmy Mob is pleased to provide free advertising on the Shimmy Mob website for one full year (or longer), depending on the sponsorship level.

Find out how to become a sponsor. Help us to end abuse.

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