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Tahulla Setsena


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Tahulla Tahulla Setsena Setsena

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Since she was a child, Tahulla has been dancing. Her performances and skills have been displayed in talent shows, theaters, and professional showcases across the United States. Fascinated by ethnic dance styles, she ventured out to learn Raks Sharqi (Belly Dancing). With Egyptian Style Cabaret, she started her professional career performing in various events, restaurants, and auditions at the age of 18. By 20, she fell in love with the variations in styles. Her favorite being, the multiple types of American and Transnational Tribal Style. After a short break from dance and embracing her inner Goddess nature, she started dancing in the Kentuckiana Area. In 2017, Tahulla opened Devi Dance Studio®. Devi (Dev-vee) is the Sanskrit word for “Goddess”. Tahulla implements the Goddess Life Principals® into her Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance Foundational/ Formational Classes. “The Goddess Life®” is stylization, and techniques; developed and designed by the Professional Belly Dance sensation, Dolphina. She is also versed in various stage props, and flow instruments to enhance her dancing performances. She continues to train and learn from many masters. Often, she says even though she is a Master Teacher herself, she is grateful to be a student in the fine & performing arts. Tahulla kicks it up a notch with teaching and performing Tahulla Style™. Tahulla Style™ is her personally developed style of dancing that mixes multi levels of various dance forms such as; Pop, Hip-Hop, Belly Dancing, and others. This exclusive style creates electrifying combos, and beautiful choreography that displays spirit, heart, and soul. “Without proper form, Belly Dancing can cause more harm then good. This is such a beautiful, liberating, toning, strengthening, and expressive art form. We as dancers and teachers have a a sacred obligation to educate, empower, and entertain our fellow dancers, guest, and students. I have used the Goddess Life® to not only have fun, but unlock my passion for all forms of dance. We should always stay a student, and learn what we can. No one is perfect, but only perfecting our own craft as we go.” - Tahulla Setsena response to her completion of becoming a Certified Instructor. In the winter of 2019, Tahulla hosted an Axe Throwing Event for Sexual Assault Survivors called I Believe You!. With the recent rise up of sexual predators getting away with their crimes, she wanted to do something positive for victims to become stronger and know there is support after being abused. This cause is dear to her heart as she is a childhood survivor of sexual assault. She plans on writing and publishing a book on survival techniques, education, and assistance to help heal after trauma. Her activism and humanitarian work doesn’t end there. Tahulla has has been the Shimmy Mob Area Leader for Louisville, KY/Kenutckiana since the Summer of 2019. She returns in 2020 as the Area Leader to help train and work with some of the most amazing people to raise money for the Center for Women and Families. Shimmy Mob is and international organization that is the Worlds Largest Belly Dance Flash Mob to raise awareness on the early signs of abuse, violence, and sexual assault. “No one was there for me when I needed them the most. Those who were suppose to keep me safe thought so little of me they allowed me to know the horrors of life. Safe places, CPS, and action centers weren’t a big thing when I was a kid. Yet, I ended up finding a lot of people who had or were about to experience the worst parts of human life. I made it a secret mission to help all those I could to not end up like I did. No one should have to go through that. No one! Shit people need to be held accountable for their actions. Then maybe the victim list will be less because these crimes won’t happen anymore. Not because people aren’t believed, and/or threatened. Education and action is key! Parents, teachers, community leaders, employers, and advocates need to have open conversations and check each other. Many people got away with harm and neglect in my case. I try to work with people/organiziations to make sure no one else has this same experience.” - Tahulla Setsena when asked why she became an Advocate for Sexual Assault and Awareness Education. Be sure to check our her social media pages to stay informed on her workshops, classes, activism, and performances.

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Event2020 International Shimmy Mob
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2020 International Shimmy Mob

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Vancouver, BC (Canada)

10th Anniversary Celebration

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September 25-27, 2020

Vancouver, BC (Canada)

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