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The Sponsors

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At Shimmy Mob, our goal is to give back to the community. We are very proud both to support victims of abuse and to increase awareness of the signs that can potentially foretell an abusive relationship. Promoting and furthering these causes are essential steps to ending abuse the world over.

You can help. Become a sponsor amd make a difference.

Change starts here.

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2019 International Shimmy Mob Sponsors


Coos Bay, Oregon

image of logo for Bellyfit with Joann
Bellyfit with Joann


DeKalb County, Georgia

image of logo for Vivid Rose
Vivid Rose


DeKalb County, Georgia

image of logo for Miss Belly Dance
Miss Belly Dance


DeKalb County, Georgia

image of logo for Shimmy with Saniyah
Shimmy with Saniyah


DeKalb County, Georgia


Manning, South Carolina

image of logo for Belly Dance with DonnaMarie
Belly Dance with DonnaMarie


Pineville, Louisiana

image of logo for Desert Sky Dance Company
Desert Sky Dance Company

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