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The Event

What is different about Shimmy Mob?

There are many differences. One of the things that differentiates Shimmy Mob from other dance flash mobs is that it works in multiple locations internationally on the same day, performing the same dance routine to the same music while wearing the same t-shirts. In some locations, it is performed as an unexpected flash mob, and in other areas, as a performance. Shimmy Mob performances are always in a public location for the general public to see. In all cases, to be an authentic Shimmy Mob, the dancers wear the official Shimmy Mob t-shirt that has the logo. Videos and pictures of dancers at a specific Shimmy Mob event will be listed on this website, so if the dancers are not wearing our official t-shirt, it is not a Shimmy Mob event. Refer to the 'How it Works' page for more info.

Who can be part of Shimmy Mob?

Anyone who wants to learn a dance routine and has submitted the registration fee can participate. You don't have to be a belly dancer or an expert. The choreo is easily adaptable to less experienced dancers.

What do I need to do to be part of Shimmy Mob?

Each dancer that participates in the Shimmy Mob performance MUST be registered through and order the Shimmy Mob t-shirt. When you complete your registration, video links to the choreography instruction and breakdown will be emailed to you.. You will need to learn the dance, attend rehearsals as scheduled by your Team Leader and then perform on the Shimmy Mob designated event date.

How much dance experience do I need?

To make it accessible to as many people as possible, we try to make the choreography fun and easy to learn. After you pay the registration fee, we will email you the video links to the choreography instruction and breakdown. You will need to learn the dance, to attend rehearsals as scheduled by your Team Leader, and to then perform the dance on the Shimmy Mob designated event date.

What if I want to dance and can't afford to pay the registration fee?

If that is the case, we suggest finding a sponsor. There are small local businesses that would be happy to sponsor a great cause for such a minimal amount in exchange for marketing visibility. If you have someone fully sponsoring you, let us know; when they do, we will add their name or business to the sponsors page.

I really want to participate. How can I be part of Shimmy Mob if my city is not listed?

If your city is not listed, it means we are waiting for someone to take the lead and register as a Team Leader for your city. You have some options: You can choose to be the team leader in your city (please read the team leader guidelines and requirements), or you can find someone who would be interested in the role, or you can find the next closest Shimmy Mob to your area.


Why is the music not included as part of the registration fee?

As much as we would love to include the music, we are not licensed to sell music or authorized to distribute it (due to copyright laws). It is possible you already have the music in your repertoire. However, we have chosen to do the choreography to unedited music available on iTunes (usually available for around one dollar; note that this money goes to the artists, not to Shimmy Mob).

Why do I have to pay a registration fee?

There are multiple costs involved in organizing and running an event at a worldwide scale. The registration fee helps defer the cost of the t-shirt, the access to choreography instructional videos, plus the operating and administration fees of this worldwide event. 15%-25% of the registration fee is donated to shelters and the rest goes towards new programs that support survivors.

How much is the early bird rate and when is the deadline?

When you register before 1 January 2019, the fee is $30 for adults and $19 for youth (plus s&h). After that date, until registrations close on Sunday, 31 March 2019, the fee is $36 for adults and $26 for youth (plus s&h).

When is the last day I can register?

Registrations for the 2019 Shimmy Mob event close on Sunday, 31 March 2019, at midnight (PST).

I don't like to pay online; is there another payment method that I can use?

We do recommend that you register online; this allows us to process your order faster. However, if you need another payment method option, give us a call 604-722-9545. We'll do our best to work something out.

Can I register after the deadline?

We normally do not take registrations after deadline. Please make sure to register early so you don't miss out.


How much of the event registration fee goes to charity?

Shimmy Mob is committed to transparency and communicates regularly with the participants in each community about donations and events to support the cause. The registration fee covers the official Shimmy Mob t-shirt, and all administration expenses and operating costs. There are multiple costs involved in organizing and running an event of this magnitude. To date, no portion of the registrations for the May event pays any salaries; the event is run 100% on a volunteer basis. In addition to raising awareness of resources (i.e., women’s and children’s shelters), Shimmy Mob donates 15-25% of registrations to shelters in participating areas. As we grow, each year we encounter new scenarios and it is impossible to foresee accurate costs but we continually aim to increase the percentage. The higher the number of participants worldwide, the greater the number of sponsors, the more we are able to donate.

How is the money for the charities raised?

All city Team leaders are encouraged, together with the participating communities and teachers, to help create events such as haflas, shows, lessons, workshops, pledges, bazaars, etc. during the month of May. Profits from these events do NOT pass through Shimmy Mob headquarters; they go DIRECTLY to the charity organization in each area as specified by the City Team Leader.

Team Leader role

Is it always the same Team Leader for the same city each time?

Each event is unique. Registrations are open to both new and returning Team Leaders. Signup for the Team Leader positions is on a "first come, first served" basis.

What benefits are there to being a Team Leader?

Being a Team Leader takes some effort but the rewards are worth it. They include greater exposure in your local community (as well as worldwide), plus a free listing for you or your business on the Shimmy Mob website for at least a year. And you can develop your leadership skills at the same time.

Who can be a Team Leader?

Anyone who shares the vision! And you don't have to be a dancer to be a city Team Leader; you just have to be committed to ensuring that the event is a successful and an enjoyable experience for all involved.

What does being a Team Leader involve?

The city Team Leader is responsible for securing a location for the performance, for communicating with the dance community, and for working out the logistics. With the assistance of a good supporting local team and the involvement of your dance community, your event is a guaranteed success.

The Choreography

I have seen other groups doing flash mobs; how does one recognize a Shimmy Mob group?

Good Question! Shimmy Mob is easily identifiable as all the dancers in the group wear the official Shimmy Mob t-shirt (it includes the URL). Note that the t-shirt is a different color every year; if you were part of a previous Shimmy Mob performance, your previous t-shirt will not work for the next event.

Can I still dance at the scheduled Shimmy Mob performance if I don't have the t-shirt?

No, you cannot. Only paid registered dancers with the Shimmy Mob t-shirts are permitted to dance. Make sure to register to order yours. Through this same registration, you access the choreography and instructional videos.

Can I see the dance first before committing?

We don't want to spoil the surprise and we also want to avoid copycats; therefore, we do not make the dance public before the event. Only paid registered dancers can see it. Once registered, you will receive the clear breakdown links to learning the choreography.

How can I learn the dance?

Once registered, you receive the choreography videos via a link online. The videos break down the dance so you can learn it on your own. Many team leaders and registered instructors offer free live rehearsal sessions. They can assist you.

The T-shirt

How do I make sure the t-shirt will be the right size?

We provide a chart with measurements as given to us from the supplier to ensure you order the correct size. Refer to the chart on your registration form before selecting the size. To match the size, measure ONLY the front part from seam to seam as indicated on the chart. There are two styles of shirts to choose from. The t-shirts are made of soft cotton and are a knit stretchy material. Be on the safe side and order a little bigger rather than smaller for the fitted styles. We want you to look good!

Why a Shimmy Mob t-shirt? Why are we not wearing bellydance costumes for this event?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. It shows the world you are part of the same worldwide team, dancing in the same event as the other participating cities.
  2. It is an affordable and versatile item that can be modified and worn throughout the year by all who participate.
  3. It is a lot more effective and memorable to the public for all to have the same outfit and be recognized as part of Shimmy Mob.

When should I expect to receive my Shimmy Mob t-shirt?

Because the t-shirts are customized for each event, we order t-shirts shortly after the registration deadline. It is at that moment that we have a total for the t-shirts needed (based on the number of registrants). It then takes a few weeks for the t-shirt to be printed, shipped out, and delivered around the world. T-shirts for your team are sent to your local Team Leader. They typically arrive somewhere between two to eight days before the event. Be sure to stay in touch with your Team Leader and arrange pick up times. All unclaimed t-shirts after the event are donated.

What do we wear for the performance?

On the established date, ALL participating dancers in the Shimmy Mob MUST wear the official Shimmy Mob t-shirt. Shimmy Mob will mail your t-shirt to your city Team Leader who will let you know when and where to pick it up. You will also be notified after you register on what the rest of the dress code is. You will not need to buy any additional items.

Youth Participation

Can minors participate?

Yes! We have many youth participate and we love having them in our team.

At what age can youth sign up?

All ages are welcome. There are no age restriction. There have been parents dancing with their baby carriers.

Does a parent/guardian have to also register, or can they just accompany?

Youth participation must be supervised by parent/guardian. Event registration is not required for supervisors.

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