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2019 International Shimmy Mob Sponsors (by city)

Be a part of Shimmy Mob, a fundraising event for serving the community. Your assistance and support, either material or financial in any amount, help us create a more impactful and successful event, at the same time that we provide an additional advertising venue for your company. With your assistance, we can make a bigger difference.

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As a sponsor of this worldwide event, you gain significant exposure through local and national media. Choose a higher level of sponsorship and your organization will be featured more prominently both on our website and in our social media.

We invite you to become a sponsor for this event. Promoting and furthering these causes are essential steps to ending abuse worldwide. Sponsor a Shimmy Mob team or dancer and receive free advertising for a whole year (a $1,000 value).

You can help end the abuse. Sponsor a team amd make a difference.

There are no sponsors for this event.

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